Why we should chose LED street light instead of HPS lighting

Now all of the world many country start change HPS street light to LED street light,why they need change it . and new project all they use all is led street light.
Today zenith light tell you why .
1.What are the advantages of LED streetlights?
LED streetlights are great for the environment. They consume much less energy than standard high-intensity discharge ( HID) lights, last three times longer, and they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintenance costs. In general, LED lights also contribute less to light trespass because they emit direct illumination.
2.Here is compare of led street light and HPS street light lighting:


Type Led street light High pressure sodium
power 60w 150w

Technicial data

Rectifier type Electronic built-in drive Inductive rectifier
effective luminous flux 7200 6500
Effective luminous efficiency 120.00(Lm/W) 37.27(Lm/W)
Light source lifetime (H) 50000 5000
Ra >75 20-30
Voltage 90-305V 220V



Power of light 60w 150w
Power of system 60w 150w
The rate of saving electricity 60%

For example


Saving electric charge

Working time(hour) 3650 3650
Working time every day 10 hours 10 hours
Road distancer 3KM 5KM 10KM
Qty.of street light 202 SETS 333 SETS 666 SETS
Annual electricity consumption 60w 44238kwh 72927kwh 145854kwh
150w 110595kwh 182317.5kwh 364635kwh
Electricity price (usd/ kw/h) $0.15 $0.15 $0.15
Annual electricity bill (usd) 60w $6635.7 $10939.05 $21878.1
150w $16589.25 $27347.625 $54695.25
Save electricity (usd) $9953.6 $16408.6 $32817.2


Maintenance fee The traditional high pressure sodium lamp life is short, average every year to replace a rectifier, a replacement for three years; and for LED street lamp / / lamp, every street lamp / lamp / lamp in a year can save a maintenance fee, with estimates of about 260 yuan (including the purchase of new light and change the lamp fee)

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