All In One Solar Street Light Fault Self-Test


Sometimes customer buy all in one solar street light in the market,one month or two month,solar street light not working. Have many reasons we need know how to check it by ourself. If solar street light have problem,we can ask supplier for replacement.

But many customers donot know how to do it,Today zenith teach you how to do Fault Self-Test.

Take out the lamp, we need to turn on the switch in rear of lamp before installation, however we see both of the indicator light and the lamp is not on, so we need to charge it, In general we will put it in the sun, be sure to put it in direct sunlight for charging.

If the indicator light still does not light up after sunlight charging, then we need to open the battery box for lamp self-inspection, test and analysis.

First unscrew the screw and open the driver box

We first test whether the solar panel is faulty, we need to find the wiring of the solar panel.

You can see a solar panel logo at the first from left to right logos on controller,and you can also see that the thick cable underneath the solar panel is where the solar panel connects to the controller.

When we test the solar panel, we need to open the WAGO connector clip and remove the positive and negative wires. Next, take out the “multimeter” and set it to voltage to test the voltage of the solar panel. Finally, we can see that the open circuit voltage is 21.5V, because our solar panel is 18V, and the tested open circuit voltage is about 22V, so we can know the value is normal and solar panel is working well.

After testing the voltage of the solar panel, we also need to test the current. Please set the “multimeter” and testing pen to current mode. After the test, we can see the values of voltage and current. As long as the current is greater than 0.1, then the solar panel is good, because the solar panel current is related to the intensity of natural lights,and if the natrual light is strong, the current can be larger.

After our testing for the solar panel we found the voltage and current of solar panel are in the normal range , so the solar panel work well.

Next we need to test the voltage of the battery. Similarly, we unscrew the quick connector of the battery and use the “multimeter” to switch to voltage for testing. The notch on the connector remains upward, with the left side being positive and the right side negative. After connecting the “multimeter” , the voltage is 13.2V. It is normal as long as it is between 10-14V. If the voltage exceeds this range, the battery is abnormal.

If neither the solar panel nor the battery fails and the lamp still doesn't operate, the fault could be in the controller.

If there is a problem with the battery after our test with voltage, we can charge the battery with our AC charger, or directly change the battery to test to see whether the light can be turned on normally.

If the battery is still not activated by AC charger ,then there is indeed something wrong with the battery.

If you need more details ,pls do not hesitate contact with us.

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