Are Integrated Solar Street Lights Better than Split One?

Renewable energy is getting more popularity these days, including wind, solar,water,etc. Non-renewable energy is gradually decreasing as people use it. We can say renewable energy is the future. Solar street lights perform well in the outdoor lighting industry. They have unending benefits-clean,environmentally friendly, economical. Relying on the renewable solar energy, the solar street lights consume no electricity bills. Integrated all in one solar street lights and split solar street lights all belong to the solar lighting products. Integrated solar street lights are favored by many people due to its so many pros. Are integrated solar street lights better than split one? Let’s go on and find the answers.

The integrated street light is to integrate the photovoltaic solar panels, battery, controller and light source into one light holder, and become one. It can be used in streets and lanes, communities, factories, rural areas, county streets, village streets and other places. The advantages of integrated solar street lights are very obvious. First, in terms of installation and use, customers can simply install a few screws according to the instructions and fix the product before using it without any professional knowledge. It is very convenient and saves installation costs. If you need to repair it, just remove the light cap and send it back to the street light manufacturer. Secondly, the price advantage is obvious. Because of the design reasons, the solar panel power and battery capacity are generally limited, and the cost will be lower. And it saves the cost of installing and fixing the photovoltaic solar panels, the cost of the battery box, and so on. Compared with split solar street lights, the price is relatively lower. Most of the applications of integrated solar street lights are places where the lighting requirements are not too high. It has a long service life. It is a high-tech product with high technology content. The quality of the control system and some accessories are relatively reliable.

The split solar street light adopts a design in which solar panels, batteries, and LED light sources are all separated. The power of the required led street light can be calculated according to the requirements of the lighting occasion. The power range is larger than that of the integrated street light, which can meet the requirements of different customers. According to the requirements of LED street lights, it can be matched with photovoltaic solar panels and batteries of suitable capacity. It not only guarantees the service life of LED street lights, but also facilitates maintenance and replacement.

Integrated Solar Street Lights

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Post time: Aug-11-2023