Grid Complementary Solar Street light Application

The system is mainly composed of photovoltaic module, controller, AC/DC power adapter, battery, physical switch and LED lamp. Its main function is to switch to grid power when solar power is insufficient.

In this way, when experiencing a long rainy season, or in areas with insufficient light at high latitudes, solar street lights can function well without the lights shutdown.


The difference with traditional solar street light lies in that grid complementary solar street light needs to connect a set of mains cables to the grid. Its grid connection means that when it encounters continuous rainy days and the solar power supply is insufficient, it switches to the grid power supply.


Main advantages of grid complementary solar street lights:

u  The light source can be used for very larger power.

u  Less affected by the weather and environment.

u  Low requirements for batteries and battery box.

Main disadvantages:

u  Cables need to be laid, which is troublesome to install.

u  Need to configure additional power driver and constant current source.

Grid complementary solar street lights are widely used in highways, embankments, scenic spots, industrial areas, city squares and other places.

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Post time: May-20-2022