Lighting Modes of Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are independent lighting systems that do not need to be connected to the grid and rely on solar power. It is composed of many accessories, such as light sources, solar panels, controllers, batteries, light poles, and so on. Among them, the controller is a significant part. It has the functions of managing the charging and discharging of solar street lights and remote intelligent control, and can control the light-on and light-off time of solar street lights. Faced with different application scenarios, how to set the lighting mode of solar street lights has also become a problem that requires careful consideration. Generally speaking, solar street lights can be divided into engineering street lights and conventional street lights. Engineering solar street lights also include solar garden lights and landscape lights in some scenic spots and communities. The conventional solar street lights are mostly for their own use, even mobile ones that are not fixed. Therefore, we need to set a suitable lighting mode according to the installation place of the solar street light.

solar street light lighting models

1. Time-controlled, time-controlled light-off is a common control method for solar street lights, which is to set the light-on time for the controller in advance. The lights are automatically turned on at night, and the lights will be turned off automatically after the lighting time reaches the specified time. This control method is relatively reasonable. It can not only control the cost of solar street lights, but also prolong the service life of solar street lights.

2. Light control means that the street light is controlled by the light, and there is no need to adjust the light on and off time according to the season after installation. It turns off automatically during the day and turns on at night. Most lithium battery solar street lights now use this control method. Compared with other control methods, this control method has a higher cost.

3. There is also a more common mode, which is the light control + time control mode of the solar street light controller. During the start-up process, the principle is the same as that of pure light control. When the load is turned off, it will be turned off automatically when the load reaches the set time. Set it as needed. The set time is generally 2-14 hours.

The lighting mode of solar street lights is shared here for everyone. You can communicate your specific needs with us, and then choose the appropriate lighting mode. Now the intelligent controller can also be equipped with infrared sensor or microwave sensor. When there is no one, the street lamp keeps 30% low light, and when there is no one, the street lamp turns to 100% power lighting. solar street lights adopting smart mode can not only achieve energy saving and environmental protection, but also reduce the investment of manpower and material resources.

Lighting Modes of Solar Street Light

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Post time: Jul-31-2023