What Do You Need to Check If Solar Street Lights Can’t Work Well?

With the increasing shortage of global energy and the deteriorating environment, the use of new energy has become a trend now and in the future. Solar power is one of the most commonly used energy sources and has been applicable on lots of fields, such as street lights.

Solar street lights use energy of the sun to convert into electrical energy to generate electricity, which does not pollute the environment and saves a lot of electricity. At the same time, the installation process is simple and convenient. Therefore, these days solar street lights are welcomed by people and promoted by many countries. However, there will also be some problems when using solar lights, such as the situation that the street light does not turn on or does not turn off after installation. What is the reason? How to solve it?

Wiring issues

After the solar street light is installed, if the LED light fails to light up, it is possible that the worker reversely connected the positive and negative interface of the lamp during the wiring process, so that it does not light up. In addition, if the solar street light does not turn off, it is also possible that the battery panel is connected reversely, because currently the lithium battery has two output wires, and if they are connected reversely, the LED will not be turned off for a long time.

Quality problems

Beside the first situation, the higher possibility is that the solar street light itself has quality problems. At this time, we can only contact the manufacturer and ask for professional maintenance service.

Controller problems

The controller is the core of solar street light. Its indicator color indicates different states of street lights. The red light indicates that it is charging, and the flashing light indicates that the battery is fully charged; if it is yellow, it indicates that the power supply is insufficient and the light cannot be normally lit. In this situation, the battery voltage of the solar street light needs to be detected. If the battery is normal, then replace the new controller to see if the light works well. If it works, it is basically determined that the controller is broken. If the light is not on, check whether the wiring is well or not.

Problems of battery capacity

In addition to possible wiring problems, it may also be caused by lithium battery capacity problems. Generally speaking, the storage capacity of lithium batteries is controlled at about 30% from the factory to the delivery to customers. This means that the battery capacity when the product is given to the customer is insufficient. If the customer does not install it for a long time or encounters a rainy day after installation, it can only consume the power stored at the factory. When the power is run out, it will cause the solar street light not lighting up.

Low quality battery

In fact, the batteries used by many manufacturers have no waterproof function, which leads to short-circuiting of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery once water enters, causing voltage instability. Therefore, if there is a problem with the street light, it is necessary to detect the change of the battery voltage with the depth of discharge. If it cannot be used normally, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

Check whether the circuit is damaged

If the insulation layer of the circuit is worn out and the current is conducted through the lamp pole, it will cause a short circuit and the lamp will not light up. On the other hand, some solar street lights are also on during the day and cannot be turned off. In this case, it is most likely that the controller components are burned out. You need to check the controller components.

Check if the battery board can be charged

Battery panel is one of the core components of solar street lights. Normally, the situation that cannot be charged is mainly manifested as voltage and no current. In such situation, it is necessary to check whether the battery panel joints are well welded, and whether the aluminum foil on the battery panel has current. If there is current on the solar panel, also check whether there is water and snow covering which makes it impossible to charge.

To be honest, there are many factors influencing the problems of solar LED lights, but repairing solar street lights is the job of professional staff. In order to ensure safety, we can’t help repair solar street lights by ourselves, just wait for maintenance personnel to repair it.

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Post time: Dec-04-2023