What Kind Of Solar Street lights Do You Need?

When it comes to solar street light, more people are becoming familiar to this new type of outdoor lighting product. Powered by the clean and green solar energy, the solar street light illuminates the roads, streets without electricity bills. This would be the most important reason for users to choose them. The solar lights provide high efficient lighting effect with cost-effective performance. For new buyers, they will doubt what kind of solar street light do they really need? To help them figure out this question, we will give a detailed explanation in this paper.

First, you need to know your budget

Budget may be the most important thing if you intend to buy something. For solar street lights used to light up the public outdoor area, the area must be very large which also means lots of streetlights are needed. If you don’t control the budget of one single light, the price of the solar light maybe exceed your budget. solar street light is composed of many components such as light source, solar panel, controller, battery,etc. The performance of these parts will affect the performance of the solar street lights as well as the price. Don’t always pursue low price, high price don’t mean good quality too. You need to provide your lighting requirements to us such as backup days, installation height, etc. With detailed lighting requirements, the solar street lights that suit you can be designed.

Second, do you need integrated solar street light or split type?

Integrated solar street light: the battery and the light source are integrated together and the solar panel is not separated. Since the solar panel is integrated into the light, it has limited space to receive the solar light. So the power of integrated street light is maximum 120W.

The split solar street light adopts a design in which solar panels, batteries, and LED light sources are all separated. The power of the required led street light can be calculated according to the requirements of the lighting occasion. The power range is larger than that of the integrated street light, which can meet the requirements of different customers. According to the requirements of LED street lights, it can be matched with photovoltaic solar panels and batteries of suitable capacity. It not only guarantees the service life of LED street lights, but also facilitates maintenance and replacement.


Third, consider the light source

The choice of street light source can be based on the specific local installation environment to choose whether it is warm white light, cold white light or yellow light. Because different color temperatures give people different feelings, the feeling of blending into the environment is also different. And the power of the solar street light is a special factor that needs to be considered. The power of the solar street light source directly affects the use effect and brightness. If the solar street light uses LED light source, its power consumption is about 30% of that of ordinary high-pressure sodium lights. In addition, the white light display effect is good, you can use the traditional high-pressure sodium light to carry out the ratio conversion to choose. The brightness of LED lights of the same power from different manufacturers are not the same. Because the selected chip of the LED light is different, the luminous intensity is also different. So buyers must contact our sales staff before purchase, they will be based on the actual situation of your existing street lights for you to recommend the most suitable power.


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Post time: Aug-14-2023