Why Solar Street Light Price is Higher than Led Street Light?

Solar street light plays a significant role in the outdoor lighting. But the solar street lights price is higher than that of LED street lights. LED street lights are also very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Why install solar street lights instead of using cheaper LED street lights? Why is solar street lights price higher than that of LED street lights?

1. Why use solar street lights?

The solar street light has a stable power supply and is not easily affected by power failure. Ordinary led street lights can’t be used after power failure, especially some remote rural areas are easily power off due to bad weather such as heavy rain. After the power failure, the led street lamp can’t provide lighting normally, which brings inconvenience to the farmers’ lives. Solar street lights absorb solar energy on sunny days and convert it into electrical energy to be stored in batteries. Moreover, solar street lights are economical and energy-saving. Assuming that a set of solar street lights illuminate for 10 hours a day, 0.3 degrees of electricity can be saved every day. It can save more than 100 kilowatt-hours of electric energy a year, and it can save hundreds of dollar in 20 years. If there are more solar street lights, the amount of electricity saved will be considerable.

2. Why is the solar street lights price higher than LED street lights?

1. Street lamp cost 

Cost is the main factor affecting the solar street lights price. Solar street lights are composed of different accessories, and the price of each accessory will determine the final price of the finished solar street light. The accessories of the street lights are more expensive, which is the reason for the higher cost. The reason why solar street lights can provide lighting without connecting to the grid, every accessory is indispensable. The solar panel absorbs solar energy, the battery stores electric energy, the controller controls the lighting mode, and the light source emits bright light. Therefore, these accessories must not be shoddy, and the quality must be guaranteed.

2. Use led bulbs

The stability of led bulbs is very high, basically there will be no problems with long-term use. As long as you choose a suitable LED light source, there is sufficient sunlight during the day to meet the lighting requirements of the design.

3. Safe to use

In the process of using some ordinary street lights, if the wires are accidentally damaged, the problem of electricity leakage occurs in thunder and rainy weather, which will bring great safety hazards to the residents. Solar street lights with motion sensors will not have this problem, and the degree of safety is very high.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving

Non-renewable energy is limited and will pollute the environment when used. But solar energy is inexhaustible and is a very environmentally friendly energy source. In many countries, 70% of electricity comes from coal power generation, and coal mining and combustion are very harmful to the environment. Moreover, the use of conventional street lights requires a large amount of electricity bills, and solar street lights can be used in any place with the sun.

Solar street lights have high luminous efficiency, long service life, and are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Therefore, the price of its products must be slightly higher than that of ordinary street lights. But compared to its advantages, the price is actually not expensive. After all, after long-term use, LED street lights will also generate a lot of electricity bills, and solar street lights basically do not require any costs in addition to the initial investment costs.

Solar Street Light Price

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Post time: Aug-08-2023