Will Cold Weather Affect Solar Sensor Street Light Working?

The solar sensor street light is composed of solar panels, batteries, controllers, and lights. Solar sensor street lights rely on solar panels to absorb sunlight to absorb, and convert the absorbed energy into electrical energy and store it in the battery pack. At night, when reaching the set time or when the surrounding light is dimmed, the battery will be given to the street light under the command of the controller, so the battery panel (solar panel) is the most critical component. Therefore, the condition must be that the sun can supply the battery, so that the battery has electricity to supply the lights and lanterns to work. So in rain and snow, will the operation of solar sensor street lights be affected?

First of all, it is a fact that the sunlight in winter is weaker than the sunlight in summer. Generally speaking, if the sun is out most of the time in winter, even if the sun is not very strong, solar sensor street lights can work normally. If it is raining and snowing, it will be more troublesome. One aspect is that because solar sensor street lights can’t absorb sunlight, there will be insufficient power supply at night. On the other hand, if it snows, the solar panels will be covered by a thick layer of snow. The efficiency of solar panels absorbing solar energy will be reduced. In either case, there will be some impact on solar sensor street lights. If the solar panels are covered by snow after it snows, the snow needs to be cleaned up. The brightness of solar sensor street lights in snowy days is weaker than in summer, but they can provide basic lighting. In some cold weather, if the battery is buried in the ground too shallow, or installed behind the battery panel, it is easy to freeze. Therefore, it is necessary to bury the battery as deep as possible to prevent freezing. When choosing a solar panel, you should also choose a product with good craftsmanship, fewer seams and fewer solder joints, which is waterproof. Street lights also have a certain service life. As the use time increases, the service life will also be affected to a certain extent. This is a normal phenomenon.

When buying solar sensor street lights, be sure to buy better quality. And the climatic conditions, such as the longest rainy days, should be fully considered when buying. If it is often raining in winter like the Vancouver, these factors must be taken into consideration when purchasing batteries. Battery capacity can be improved accordingly. In general, when installing solar sensor street lights, you must consider the different climates in different places, and the difference in snow accumulation throughout the year. It is necessary to think carefully. Places with plenty of sunlight are particularly suitable for installing solar sensor street lights. Solar sensor street lights are economical, energy-saving, pollution-free, and consume less electricity. When installing solar street lights, you must first contact our sales staff when you encounter problems.

Will Cold Weather Affect Solar Sensor Street Light Working

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Post time: Aug-22-2023