80w solar street high brightness light 10400 lumens

Short Description:

Color Temperature(CCT):4000k

Power Supply:Sun Power

Warranty : 5years

Battery type :Lead-acid/lithium/Gel battery

PV Module;Monocrystalline silicon/Poly Both available

LED fixture: Die-casting Aluminum

80w LED fixture Lumen:10400lm

LED chip:5050SMD LED chips

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LED street Light

  Parameter 1 Power:80wLed Chip:Philips lumileds/CREE 5050



Color temperature:3000-6500K

Color Rendering index: Ra>75

IP rating: IP65





Solar Panel

Parameter 2 

Power:120W(2PCS)Operation Voltage :18V

Operation Current :7.78A

Open circuit voltage:22V

Short circuit current:8.12A

Material Type: Mono Crystalline Silicon

Efficiency of solar cells:18%





Gel Battery

 Parameter 3 Rated Capacity:120AH(2PCS)    Rated Voltage:12V

Max charge Current:30A

Nominal Voltage:12V

Lithium Battery  Parameter 4 Rated Capacity:96Ah/102AhRated Voltage:12.8V LiFePO4




 Solar Controller


 Parameter 5 Rated Voltage:12V/24VRated Current:20A

Automatic Light and Time Control

Over-Charging / Discharging Protection Reverse-connection








Lamp Post

Parameter 6 

Height: 8mTop/Bottom Diameter: 90/180mm ;

Thickness: 4.0mm


Hot dip galvanized pole with powder coating





Anchor Bolt

 Parameter 7 J bolt :M18Number of J bolt: 4pcs

Length of J bolt:900mm

(hot galvanized J bolt available)


Cables   25m/sets


Working time:12 hours per day,3days backup

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Parameter 10

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Zenith lighting are built to the highest quality standards,using the best material to ensure Maximum Efficiency and Longevity.

•Zenith lighting, LED street light Lights, solar street light are competitively priced, and are designed to perfectly fit all kinds customer’s request, can accept OEM&ODM

•Zenith lighting have ISO9001,ISO14000,ISO18001,CE,RoHs,EN,IEC certificate

• Zenith light have all kinds test machine and auto produce machine.

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Q1: How can we get high lumens for solar street light?

A: firstly we need know lumens depend on which parts, led chips,lens, Efficiency of solar controller can decide high lumens or low lumens.

   3030 led chip can get about 120-130lm/w max

   5050 led chip can get about 140-150lm/w max

Q2:what’s life of solar street light?

A:solar street light have 5 parts,led street light,solar panel,battery,controller and poles. Led street light can use at least 50000hours, pole will not damage,solar panel can use 15-20 years. So whole system important is battery and solar controller. Battery can use at least 5 years, meaning whole system only need change battery after 5 years.

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